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More Info about Iolo Technologies

Call Off the Tow Trucks

A pound of cure?

The instant the traffic lights changed, one car that should have stopped and one car that should have waited collided in the intersection. Two objects can?t occupy the same space at the same time and so pieces fly off in all directions to make room. The cars do what they?re designed to do?absorb and dissipate energy away from the occupants. Airbags inflate, bumpers and hoods crumple, headlights and directional lights shatter. Weeks later the cars are fixed and back on the road.

But think of all that could have been avoided if that accident had never happened: the paramedics, the fire trucks, the police cars, the tow trucks, the insurance companies, the repair shops, the loaner cars, the paperwork, the emotions, and all that wasted time.

A great deal of research and development goes into making cars safer but none of that technology can prevent the typical collision.

When data collides with your hard drive


There?s a lesson in this that relates to your computer. Just about every time you do something on your PC, you cause data to be written to the hard drive. But when that data hits the hard drive, it breaks into pieces to fit into the little pockets of free space around the disk. [Think of how many rocks you could fit into a jar, then think of how many would fit if you ground them into sand first]. Before long, your files are scattered into many thousands of fragments and it takes longer and longer for the hard drive to retrieve them.

Because it?s the only mechanical component in your PC, even the fastest hard drive is millions of times slower at processing data than the other virtually instantaneous digital parts of your computer, therefore it?s the last thing you want slowing down.

So out come the ambulances, tow trucks, and repair shops in the form of a defragmenter?a tool that turns fragments back into contiguous files on the hard drive so they can be accessed much faster. A defragmenter is typically run either manually or on a schedule. Either way, before the defragmenter has run, you end up suffering from increasingly sluggish PC response.


An ounce of prevention?


Some may believe that defragmentation after the fact is the best solution available, but iolo engineers have always insisted on doing everything possible to prevent a user from ever having to experience a PC slowdown. Why fix something that should be prevented from happening in the first place?

AcceleWrite™, available exclusively in System Mechanic®, is that solution. AcceleWrite is real-time proactive technology that works deep inside the Windows operating system, preventing fragmentation and allowing optimized file organization on your solid state drive [SSD] and traditional hard disk drive [HDD]?without creating new problems. In fact, your PC uses less system resources with AcceleWrite running than when it isn?t.


AcceleWrite proactively works deep inside the Windows operating system to prevent fragmentation.

Is Program Misalignment on Your PC's Menu?

The Elephant in the Kitchen

Imagine you are the head chef of a big kitchen in a popular restaurant. During the dinnertime crunch, the line cooks get hammered as the demand for meals increases. Pots, pans, seasonings, and food whiz around as orders fly out the kitchen door.

Over time, you notice it's taking longer to get these meals to the tables and you investigate. The place is well staffed and supplied. No tools are lacking. The kitchen is kept clean and functional.


Then you take a closer look and see the elephant in the kitchen. It goes like this:

The pasta cook has to go all the way to the east end of the kitchen to get to the large pots needed to boil water but then has to trek in the opposite direction for pasta. The tomatoes are off in the vegetable locker and spices are in the pantry in another room. It's the same story for the soup cook, the dessert cook and so on. They run all over the place to prepare a dish when they should be at their station cooking. As additional appliances and food stocks are added to the kitchen, necessities are pushed even farther out of reach.

You solve the problem by relocating the things each chef needs close to their work station and production increases immediately.


An Invisible and Unsolvable Problem?Until Now

Now think of your PC. Today's programs and apps are complex. They're made up of hundreds of interdependent files that must be read from the hard drive when you start and use them. When all of the files that make up a program are tightly aligned, you experience snappy response. But Windows updates, program installation and removal, security patches, and even old-style defragmentation tools can fling these interdependent files far apart. As a result, many things you do on your PC take longer.


Old-fashioned "defragmenters" can't fix this problem, and can even make it worse. Program misalignment not only impacts the speed at which they start and run, it can also cause excessive movement of the hard drive searching for files all over the disk, which in turn leads to premature wear on your hard drive. The result can be costly repairs, expensive replacement, and even loss of irreplaceable files and photos.

Before iolo developed a solution, all PCs suffered from this type of performance loss. iolo engineers first discovered the issue in 2010 that had been overlooked in the industry for decades and dug in, created new technology, and filed for a patent on a solution now found only in System Mechanic: Program Accelerator™. This unique approach is designed to eliminate one of the most insidious of the 12 root causes of PC slowdown? program misalignment.


Program Accelerator uses patent-pending data calibration technology to realign programs for faster startups, quicker launches, and more responsive overall PC performance. While the technology is sophisticated, it runs automatically so you won't have to worry about program misalignment.

Lab tests show significant improvement but real-world application shows even greater results.

Program Accelerator is just one of over 50 powerful tools in System Mechanic ? all based on iolo's patented and thoroughly field-tested approach to computer optimization.

Over the span of 15 years, more than 30 million users and industry experts have put their faith in iolo technologies. System Mechanic remains the industry standard for maximum PC performance that continues to satisfy both beginners and experts worldwide.